AMP It Up!

AMP is a premium package of local & international TV shows, movies, lifestyle content, reality shows and a mix of TV channels with a variety of subscription periods and payment options to suit your interests and budget. Choose to pay with cash, e-wallet, debit card or credit card or Telkom Charge to Bill or Airtime. All Telkom payment options are recurring by default from the point of activation. From R7 per day to R49 per month, subscriptions also include bundled data, compliments of Telkom.
Subscription Options:
• AMP Daily: R7 a day with 90MB Telkom data to stream exclusive to telkom customers.
• AMP Weekend: R17 with 360MB Telkom data to stream telkom customers.
• AMP Weekly: R19 with 720MB Telkom data to stream telkom customers.
• AMP Monthly: R49 with 1800MB Telkom data to stream telkom customers.

*Data bundles exclusive to Telkom customers

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