Good Men (s1)

Good Men (s1) ep 01: Save Me
In Cosmo City, Zola Moabi and Gugu Mbuyaze are deeply in love. Something happens that changes everything.
Good Men (s1) ep 02: Not Interested
Jama meets the angry Zola, he refuses to talk and demands he first see Gugu before signing on Jama as his lawyer.
Good Men (s1) ep 03: Consequence
Zola is moved to another prison and meets up with his rival while Gugu’s memorial service is being held.
Good Men (s1) ep 04: Against The Clock
Good Men (s1) ep 05: Two Knives
Jama is left without options and lets Zola into his home, as Zola’s parents flee Cosmo in fear of being attacked by the community
Good Men (s1) ep 06: You Can’t Take My Word
Zola sees a different side to Jama as he prepares him for the trail, and added to his stress he has to study for is his matric.
Good Men (s1) ep 07: Pressure Cooker
Lwazi aids Jama on the case and tries to secure witnesses for Zola’s defense
Good Men (s1) ep 08: Alls Well That Ends Well
Zola is pressured by the state to admit guilt. Dimpho testimony causes a ripple effect that sees Sibiya back on the stand.