Aksi Spaza

Aksi Spaza


  • Anna Walton
  • Sindi Ziqula


  • Welile Nzuza
  • Sello Sebotsane
  • Chantal Stanfield


  • Drama
  • Telenovela


Features a renowned South African actor Welile Nzuza playing the role of an ambitious but failed entrepreneur Tshiamo Tselane, whom after the death of his mother he is left to run her supermarket in Kliptown. Having had terrible luck with all of his past projects, Tshiamo becomes hell-bent on making the supermarket successful enough to one day franchise both to honour his mother’s legacy and prove his worth as a business man. Thrown into the mix, is his father, a famous ex-soccer star, Bra Pantsula played by Sello Sebotsane, who comes back after a twenty-five year absence. Bra Pantsula had only returned to his long forgotten home due to financial desperation but when he learns of his wife’s passing, he feels a calling to be a part of his son and grandson’s lives again.

parental rating

  • 13


  • (NU) Neutral