Going Nowhere Slowly (s1)

Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 01: Extra Income
Tracy jumps at a chance to earn some extra income. Siyanda has to act fast or lots of people might get hurt. Luthando is determined to finish what she started.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 02: Criminal Help
What if asking for a criminals help is the only option you have? Ayanda isn’t ready to give up and goes over Tshidi’s head. Some people will do anything for love even die for it.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 03: A Magazine Article
Kgosi sees a text message that changes the game. Fikile is floored by who shows up at her door and even more so by what she has to say. Lesedi’s delight about a magazine article soon turns to horror.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 04: Devastating News
Mbali breaks devastating news to Mrekza. The communards argue about who will be the bearer of bad news. Siyanda and Sphe are getting in deeper and deeper.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 05: An Ace Up Your Sleeve
Jack keeps striking out. Does he have an ace up his sleeve? When people take a hit at you, you have one of two choices, take it lying down or hit back.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 06: The Bait
Pele knows he’s taking the bait but does so anyway. Fikile will be damned if she allows someone to accuse her falsely. Lesedi has had enough. It’s time to take her power back!
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 07: A Stalker
A stalker shows he means business. Sphe receives an urgent call for help from prison. Tracy is devastated about what happens at her product party.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 08: A Horrifying Suspicion
Siyanda has a horrifying suspicion he needs to check out. Nontle is disgusted by what her mother is doing. Tshidi hates it when her husband pulls rank.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 09: What Is Missing
Lesedi falls victim to exactly what she judged others for. Jack refuses to talk, unless it’s to the warden. Something is missing from Lucy’s life but what is it?
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 10: A Fishing Expedition
Fikile goes to Ayanda on a fishing expedition. Mavusana panics when he hears what Lev plans to do next. Tracy gets suspicious when her stock doesn’t add up.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 11: Fight Or Flee
If Siyanda won’t flee he’ll have to fight, maybe even sooner than expected. Kabisi isn’t ready to give up yet on fixing his fractured family. Is there anyway that Mbali can just forgive and forget.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 12: Russian Mobsters
Russian mobsters are not the kind of people you want to mess with. Mazwi will have to swallow his pride to make his dream come true. Jack hates having to play nice with someone he despises.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 13: A Revelation
Tshidi is like the cat that got the cream this morning. Lesedi refuses to acknowledge what’s literally staring her in the face. Fikile isn’t nearly as up and chuppy after Ayanda’s revelation.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 14: A Startling Discovery
Tracy makes a startling discovery in the early morning. Kabisi’s bad mood gets even worse when the phone won’t stop ringing. Pele receives a tip-off that changes the game.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 15: Tears
Sphe asks Lucy to leave when she brings Mbali to tears. For once in his life, Jack isn’t sure what to do next. Luyolo demands answers but Lesedi’s too out of it to give him any.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 16: An Unexpected Offer
Mpho gets called for a favour but isn’t sure he wants to do it. Fikile is floored by an unexpected offer from the Moroka leader. Nurse Betty thinks she’s hit on a scoop and quickly makes a call.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 17: Gossip
Siyanda is shocked to hear what his brother has to say. The new-found business partners are already butting heads. Sipho is always hungry for a juicy piece of gossip.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 18: A Celebrity
The downside of being a celebrity is you can’t even be sick in peace. Jack’s tip paid off. Now to get solid proof. Kabisi thinks it’s time to call in the Moroka elders.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 19: Fishing Expedition
Mbali chooses the worst time to give advice to a friend. Mavusana’s fishing expedition pays off when Lev reveals his plan. Tracy makes the grass look so much greener on the other side.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 20: A Deal With The Devil
Pele is uneasy about making a deal with the devil. Lesedi successfully manages to guilt-trip a friend. After being embarrassed and humiliated, Tshidi is ready for war.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 21: Night Of Passion
The ex-lovers aren’t sure what to make of their night of passion. Tshidi plots to get a mole into Moroka Media. Jack thoroughly enjoys welcoming his new cell-mates.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 22: A Secret
How about a fashion show that uses ‘real’ women with ‘real’ bodies for a change? Ayanda unwittingly spills a secret she wasn’t supposed to. Mazwi’s announcement catches Sphe completely off guard.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 23: Everyone Has Their Price
Pele wakes to find his world’s been turned upside down. Lesedi decides to do what she was told not to and to hell with the rest. Guilty Mia realises everyone has their price, including her.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s1) ep 24: An Impromptu Party
Mrekza throws an impromptu party to cheer up his friend. Lucy is excited about the idea of modelling her wares. Pushed into a corner, Nurse Betty blurts out a terrible secret.