Going Nowhere Slowly (s2)

Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 01: The Truth
Siyanda decides there’s only one thing to do find out the truth. Tshidi makes a shock decision after hearing what her staffer did. Mazwi’s stint at the launch might end up costing him dearly.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 02: Imploding
Lesedi’s revenge ploy has hit the mark & #Ezweni is feeling the pain. Kabisi gets it from all sides. How can his world be imploding so fast?
A man takes out a hit on his brother.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 03: The Moroka Heir
Bab’Cele doesn’t mince words when he takes on the Moroka heir. Just when all seems lost Daksha Sharma comes to the rescue. Getting a knock on your door late at night usually spells trouble…
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 04: Three Russian Thugs
Pho’s friend knows he’s talking sense but still doesn’t want to hear it. Three Russian thugs and a chainsaw make for a very bad combination. The more Mrekza pushes the more Lucy insists she’s fine.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 05: A Problem
Cosmo realises there’s definitely a problem but what can it be? Lesedi’s interview turns out to be tougher than she anticipated. #Ezweni is in way bigger trouble than Ayanda realised.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 06: Play Nice
Gog’ Flo decides to take matters into her own hands. Sphe is floored to hear what Pele suspects. Tshidi is not happy when Kabisi forces her to play nice.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 07: An Eery Package
Lev urges the investigating officer to go to Siyanda for answers. Lucy decides it’s time to get help. It’s late at night when an eery package arrives at the Moroka house.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 08: The Latest Coup
Tracy is very worried after what happens to her at work. Mazwi’s delighted about his latest coup, unaware someone’s plotting against him. Has Mrekza finally had enough of his wife’s nonsense?
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 09: Panic
Finding out about your boyfriend’s past can be quite unnerving. Sphe doesn’t realise the panic her revelation causes. Nurse Betty is alarmed to hear why the high and mighty Mrs Moroka came to see her.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 10: Surprise Visitor
Lucy has no qualms about lying to Gog’Flo. The meeting Tshidi didn’t want to attend turns out to be worth her while. Things quickly get out of hand between Siyanda and his surprise visitor.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 11: A Juicy New Gossip Story
A juicy new gossip story sends shockwaves through Jo’burg. Will Kabisi take the bait & cut ties with the Moroka heir? Now that Jack is out of the picture, the Captain might be useful to someone else.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 12: The Fashion Show
Lesedi lies that she has everything under control with the fashion show. Tracy receives good news and is devastated by it. Cosmo is in two minds about whether to expose his sister or not.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 13: Backstage Chaos
Mazwi realises who let the cat out of the bag. Tshidi puts on a good front but backstage it’s chaos! Sphe is shocked to hear what her ex wants her to do.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 14: An Almost-Kiss
If asking doesn’t get you what you want, you can always just steal it. Fikile is shocked to hear what her friend has done this time round, an almost-kiss between two friends catches both off guard.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 15: A Decision
Lesedi makes a life-changing decision. Luyolo knows something is up but what can it be? Is Lucy’s longing for the old days starting to mess with her mind?
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 16: Regret
Mazwi learns the hard way that regret comes too late. Mrekza thinks it’s time to find out if he’s being lied to. Sphe has to cover for dear life when the young girls ogle the talent.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 17: Hot And Steamy Kissing
Mpho is shocked to hear why his friend is in a bad way. Tshidi is floored yet highly intrigued about an outlandish plan. Mia gets an eyeful of a hot and steamy kissing session no one was meant to see.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 18: Something To Hide
When a person is cagey about their past, is it because they have something to hide? Lucy’s visitor has no idea she’s planning to do him in. Luyolo’s apology doesn’t go down as well as he’d hoped.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 19: Forgiving
The newfound lovers unwittingly give their game away. Will Tracy be more forgiving the second time round. Mbali’s horrified by what happens when the Diales meet with her principal.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 20: A Revelation
A revelation by his nemesis leaves Mazwi highly suspicious. Two teenagers are desperate to stop a heist from happening. Sphe isn’t pleased to hear about an upcoming dinner date.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 21: Crime Doesn’t Pay
Lucy once again learns the hard way that crime doesn’t pay. Luyolo seems to have a special plan up his sleeve for tonight. A shock arrival at the Mabaso house upsets everything.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 22: A Major Catfight
Mrekza has had just about as much as he can take. A heated confrontation turns into a major catfight. Kabisi can’t bear to see his wife in a bad space.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 23: Groom-To-Be
Tshidi gets evidence of just how much her man loves her. The groom-to-be can barely contain his excitement but does the bride-to-be feel the same?
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 24: Jealousy
Mazwi can’t help feeling jealous about a father-son kind of moment. Lucy says all the right things but can she be trusted? Mia and Fikile come up with a plan to help their friend.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 25: Playing Games
Luyolo gets the confirmation he was dreading. Pamela is playing games. What is she up to? Mpho is floored by an ominous, unexpected warning.
Going Nowhere Slowly (s2) ep 26: Devious
Tshidi is enjoying every minute of how devious her new reporter is. After spending the evening with Rori, Tracy makes up her mind. Gog’Flo is more than happy to help Lucy get her friend back.